Tower Bridge

Die gute, alte Tower Bridge hatte ich mir auf den ersten Blick zwar etwas größer vorgestellt, jedoch je näher man ihr kommt, desto schneller verflüchtigt sich dieser Eindruck auch schon wieder:

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  1. O fi doar pt doamne si domnisoare articolul asta, dar nu pot sa nu remarc frumoasa scriitura a autoarei. 🙂 Si-ti mai dau si dreptate. :)O singura neinsemnata observatie (sa nu mi-o iei in nume de rau, te rog): scatofilia e si mai grava decat urofilia, deci nu-si are locul in povestea ta. 🙂

  2. john, i also think that taylor is the better prospect IMO, however you make it sound like he is leaps and bounds above Brown. Taylor has been in the minors one year less than Brown. Brown was drafted out of high school, and he’s younger. This holds quite a bit of weight considering he’s only a half-step behind. Make your points, but be reasonable.

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